Corporate Wellness Programs

Intelligent Yoga for the Workplace

"I used to think yoga was bull s*#!. Now I think it's the best thing this company has ever done. Ever." - a VERY happy corporate yoga client!

Intelligent businesses recognize the importance of a healthy workplace for their employees AND their bottom line. HLK Yoga is making it easy for busy people ... Practice Yoga Right at Work (you spend most of your time here anyways). Learn to move well in a way that benefits the body & mind.

Because yoga can be practiced anywhere, at anytime, we work with whatever space you have! Corporate Yoga can be done in boardrooms, warehouses, meeting rooms, hallways, large lobbies, lunchrooms, that empty room that no one really knows what to do with…we are only limited by our own imagination.

Bring Yoga into your work place, and experience the many benefits;

  • Reduce Physical & Mental Stress

  • Increase Productivity with increased Focus & Efficiency

  • Combat Anxiety

  • Improve Moral

  • Attract Top Talent with a Wellness Program that Works

  • Accessible to EVERYONE (Floor & Chair Yoga available)

  • Customized to meet the needs of employees

  • $95 per class (1 - 8 people)

  • $10 each additional student (max 12)

  • One class per week (min 6-week initial session to start)

  • Participants to kindly bring a mat, all additional yoga stuff will be provided

***All pricing subject to HST***







Private Yoga

A customized therapeutic yoga program to improve movement, comfort and functioning (physically & mentally). Safe & appropriate for all ages and levels of mobility. Ideal for those recovering from treatment, surgery, injury or any of life’s other stresses. Chair Yoga also taught in Private Sessions when appropriate.

  • Ease aches and pains that interfere with daily living

  • Learn to nurture your own health & wellness

  • Enhance physical fitness or athletic performance (ideal cross training program for runners, swimmers, cyclists, climbers, tri-althletes)

  • Combat stress and anxiety

  • Advance an existing yoga practice

  • Customized program to meet your specific needs & goals

  • 1 Private Session (75 minutes) - $75 Includes follow up written summary for your at-home practice

* All required props and equipment provided by the studio. Clients only need to bring themselves and to wear something comfortable.

*Payment to be made in full prior to, or at, the first session*




Payment options: e-transfer or cash